Senator’s Game 7-21-12

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Written by John Worhach — NAVSUP Mentor

Our big-time Harrisburg Senator’s game exhibition of our newly completed mobile T-shirt cannon this past Saturday evening was an outstanding success.

We started the day at 1030 to do final testing, tweaking, and add some cosmetic details additions in final preparation of our appearance at the Senators game. We left the school at 1630 with our robot Abby (Normal), our 2012 Rebound Rumble Challenge contender, to display at the game and our Cannon crawler T-shirt launcher in a student’s truck. It was very interesting watching the people in the ticket line watch a group of ten or so orange-shirted people lined up behind a robot go down the ramp beside them.

We took Abby up the elevator to her boardwalk station where passers-by could ask us questions and take a turn at maneuvering her around. We then positioned our launcher at the third base field entrance where he would give his performance. At the end of the top half of the fifth inning our robot emerged from under the stadium and quickly skittered, crab-like, up and down the track turning rapidly to spray T-shirts across the full length of the third baseline seats above him. Our demonstration went extremely well -a tribute to the amount of pre-event testing that the team did. It was a beautiful night for a baseball game so we stayed for the fireworks before returning to the school to unpack.

Stadium management was impressed with the capabilities of our mobile cannon bot. For our next appearance at the Tues, Aug 21 game, they would like us, in addition to launching T-shirts, to have developed the capability to ‘throw’ baseballs towards a contestant in the outfield as part of the baseball game’s regularly featured Fly Ball Catching Contest. Our work toward that goal starts this Wednesday evening.

All in all, the Normality Zero Robotics Team students kept on task and worked well together all day long. There were many things to do over the twelve hours we were together and everyone contributed in some way. We had a beautiful night for the game and everyone seemed to have a great time. As one of the NZR Team’s adult mentors that could be present at the game, I believe that I can speak for all the adult mentors and advisors this year in saying how proud the students should be in terms of both the robotics successes and the personal growth they have experienced this school year.