Regional Championship, Philadelphia — Update 4-14-12

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Written by Kierstin Long, 1st year Member

So that’s it for us. We did not get picked unfortunately, but there’s always next year. The important thing is, is that we tried our best. We may not have been picked but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t play our best. It’s sad that the season is over for us, but I mean look how far we have come! So now we pack the pit up and head to lunch. I don’t think were too disappointed, but we are a little upset. All of the teams that have been picked, all did an incredible job today and they really deserved to be picked!

On a more positive note, last night we went out to eat and some went to the diner and the rest of us to a Chinese food place in China town! I was with the Chinese food people, and let me tell you that was so much fun! It was one of the funniest moments of my life! We all joked around and ate Chinese food, well I think the best part of that place was when the lady working asked a fellow team member where we were coming from. Want to know his response? “Were from Pennsylvania.” Oh my gosh we all started to laugh, as I always say our team name fits us so well!

As I sit here writing this, I think I’m starting to tear up a little bit, I really had an amazing season as a first year member, and I bonded so well with everyone else. I made great friends from my team and other teams, memories that I can look back on, and there will always be a part of me with robotics. I still have two more years to enjoy it and I think the rest of the team would agree with me, we will NEVER forget this experience. I don’t have much to say besides, congratulations again to all of the teams picked, on behalf of Normality Zero and good luck for the rest of the competition!