Regional Championship, Philadelphia — Update 4-12-12

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Written by Kierstin Long – 1st year member

Here we are at a place most of us did not expect to be this year,REGIONALS 2012! Our first match was at 9:48, we were with teams 11 and 2234 on the blue alliance! Abby played on defense and we attempted to balance, but of course we all know what attempted means, it didn’t exactly work out. The final score for our first match was 26 to 25, the red alliance had won by one point. That didn’t discourage us, Abby and our drive team and of course we can’t forget our wonderful programmer, worked twice as hard our second match. Our second match was at 10:18, we were with teams 1647 and 222.This time we were on the red alliance and we scored 1 time in the autonomous mode which for us is a huge step up from the first match. Abby played a little bit of both defense and offense. Once again we tried to balance hoping to succeed this time,but she lost her balance and tipped right over. The final score for that match was 28 to 13. But that’s alright, we’ll get them next round. Our next match is at 11:18, we can do this!

So this isn’t just about how we played, as always I have to include something about teamwork and the non-robotics things that we decide to do. Well yesterday some of us went back to the hotel, while some stayed in the Pitt. We had a fun van ride there, it’s always a fun van ride! We got to the hotel, and waited for what seemed like 200 billion years, but really was maybe about 45 minutes. We settled into our rooms, and some of us had a huge team bonding moment. We had a dance party in my hotel room! It was so much fun to do something that we could all be a part of! We ordered pizza for dinner and pretty much the same rules as usual applied. Doors open when your in somebody else’s room, be back in your rooms by 11, don’t make too much noise, you know what I’m talking about.

This morning our wake up call was 6:00 AM, but we had to meet in the lobby of the hotel by 6:30 AM. We were thinking that some of us were going to take the van, and the same that took the subway yesterday were gonna take it again today. Well we thought wrong, we ALL took the subway. Now if your like me and have never been on a subway before then you probably know what was going through my mind, “OH NO! NOT THE SUBWAY!” Well soon I found out it wasn’t the only one thinking that. We got on the subway and I was clueless, boy was that an experience I will never forget, and I gotta take it on the way back to the hotel to, I will be a pro- subway rider like everyone else who has ridden one. We went to breakfast at either a diner or Dunking’ Donuts. Well needless to say mostly everyone went to the diner, but me and two other people. We had a fun time bonding yet again, as well as talking to the robotics teams that passed us outside wishing them luck and saying a friendly hello. All in all, it has been such a fun weekend without the fighting (cross our fingers), and stressing (better cross your toes to). We all have something to do, whether its decorating, cleaning, cheer team, build team, drive team, programmer, and our infamous scouts, we all are a part of this team. GO NORMALITY ZERO! LETS KICK SOME ROBOT BUTT!