Lenape Regional Qualifying event update – March 25, 2012

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Written by Kierstin Long, 1st year member 

When you hear the words “Team meeting”, you get that gut feeling that something is wrong. Yesterday was quite frustrating, why put on a blog saying that everything was perfect and went smooth when in reality, you know that’s not what happened. No robotics team can have a good day every day and yesterday just wasn’t ours. But once we all analyzed the situation, things started to get a little less intense. 

We decided that we needed to have a team meeting when we got back to the hotel that night, and things were put out in the air and it is now said and done. Teamwork is really important and you don’t realize how frustrating it can get sometimes, and yesterday we all got a dose of it. Luckily team 2729 (STORM) had asked if we all wanted to hang out in our hotel last night, and we figured a little team bonding would be good for us. So a few of their team members came over, in the mean time we had ordered Chinese food, and you know that fortune cookies ALWAYS come with Chinese food, and our fortunes just happened to deal with everything that had happened that day. The first one said “It is important to have a happy harmonious family.”  I think we all agreed last night that being a happy family is SUPER important, and I’m sure our robot Abby agrees. The other fortune pretty much summed up our day. I don’t remember it exactly, but it pretty much said that talking behind people’s backs is never good, and should be resolved.

Storm robotics was so laid back and on our way back to the hotel, I was texting one of the team members coming over and I had complimented them on their teamwork and how I looked up to their team, and his response back was “Thanks haha you guys are too, and really chill, like we can hang out without the awkward roboticsness.” I took that as a compliment, I’m glad that another team had thought that we were cool to hang out with, and I’ll tell you this much, three of them came last night and those three were so much fun, it was nice to network like that with new people. Not only did we get a team willing to help us when needed, but we made really good friends and that’s just as important as building Abby normal herself.

Another thing that we all learned last night, was that our mentors don’t get thanked as much as they should. We really appreciate them, without them we wouldn’t be here right now, and the thought of us not being here sounds quite crazy. They help us and they get frustrated with us, but one of our mentors last night said “I wouldn’t yell at you if I didn’t have faith in you, it’s a growing event.” We get stronger every time, and last night after our meeting I know I felt like I could rule the world. Our mentors take the time out of their busy schedule to help us. Not just to build a robot, but become the team that almost every team wants to be. Our engineer also deserves a HUGE thank you, without him we wouldn’t be back on the field every time we competed. He knew how to fix things when we didn’t, and had helped us out as much as he could, and we really strongly agree that we really appreciate it.

This whole weekend was a learning experience, not only with Abby, but teamwork 101. The final quote that I feel sums up this entire weekend was given to us by team 2181, Nottingham robotics. It was said by Henry Ford; “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is process; working together is success.” All I have to say is that this weekend isn’t over yet, and if we apply everything that we talked about last night and we try as hard as we can, we can kick some robot butt! GO NORMALITY ZERO!