Lenape Regional Qualifying Event update – 2-25-12

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Written by Kierstin Long, 1st year member

So as we speak were around an hour away from home driving very safely in a van of eight not including the driver. But all in all it has been a great day. Abby Normal did an incredible job as well as our drive team and of course our fantastic cheer team! When alliance selections came around, we were a bit nervous. To be honest we didn’t think that we were going to be picked, but fortunately we were picked by Team 224 and 2607! We may not have been their first pick, but we still were their third pick. We were picked because of several reasons. One reason being we have good offense and defense. The other I think speaks for itself, we have a fat robot.

Our teams worked together well and our strategy was pretty good. While several of the team members from all three teams gathered to make improvements, the rest of us placed ourselves in the stands to watch this all go down. As each team was introduced you could hear us yelling as they waved the flags! Then match 3 rolled around for us, we had confidence that we were going to balance on this bridge! But unfortunately, there was a ball stuck under the bridge (Murphy must have been with us). We didn’t get the bridge down. The buzzer went off and we lost. We were a little worried because if we lost our next match we were eliminated. Soon the match rolled around, and next thing we know the 30 second point was here. Up the ramp we pushed, we balanced! But…it was all too good to be true, we fell. The buzzer went off and we lost. We were done. But the most important thing was that we walked off that field with our heads held high. We had made it to the semifinals and to us that seems pretty darn good! Semifinals….that doesn’t sound so bad.

We missed watching the elimination rounds, because we were packing up Abby and all of her accessories. But we made it for awards, and cheered the other teams on as they accepted their awards and had a little fun ourselves dancing in the stands! One thing I think we all realized this weekend is the true value of robotics. Yes it’s chaotic, yes it’s challenging, but one day it will help us in the real world, preparing us for tough situations to come.

As we head back to unpack Abby and everything that goes along with her, I know one thing for sure…we’re all beat but we had a great weekend with more success then we could have asked for. Everyone did a Great job today! I’m so proud of our accomplishments, we have come so far. Our name really fits us guys…GO NORMALITY ZERO!