Kick-Off 2015

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Normality Zero is looking forward to the final day’s of the year. The holiday’s are coming up, school will be out, but most importantly FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Kick-off is on January 3rd.


This is the time when Robotics teams from all around the world are given 2015 game. Teams gather at their local kick-off location to see what the Game Developers at FIRST have come up with. The challenge varies from year to year, from basketball to soccer, to Frisbee’s, we are always excited to see what the new challenge is going to be.


After the kick-off event and the team receives their Kit-of-Parts (KOP) the planning beings. Inventory is taken of the KOP, assessed and ideas start flying. Team members have to work together to build a robot that will accomplish each one of the tasks set forth by the FIRST Game Designers.


All of this takes time. Lots of Time. Our Schedule for build season has been worked out and posted to our website. All team members will be meeting Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3pm to 7pm and Saturday’s from 9am to 3pm. Additional time will be added as needed but this schedule will be stuck to for the duration of the 6 week build season.


For anyone who would like to attend the kick-off event please contact Adam Dawson, Team Advosor, at 267-221-1422 or by email at Kick-Off can be viewed online as well on the NASA website.