Hatsboro-Horsham High School Competition

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Written by Vanessa Dettrey – 2nd year member

Dauphin County Technical School’s robotics team started their 2013 “FIRST” competition season at Hatsboro-Horsham High School near Philadelphia, PA. Our “Normality Zero” team started Saturday morning’s competitions on a good note, with a 2-1 win/loss record and ranked in 7th place. Shortly after the lunch break we noticed that our robot began working intermittently. Through further research and investigation our programmer found evidence that the wireless field router was the blame for our loss of communication with the field system. In the meantime, we continued to lose 4 straight matches before the field administrator located evidence of system hacking. System Administration corrected issues and reset the field to prevent further distractions. We proceeded to win the last match of the day and finish the first day with a 3-5 record. Team “Normality Zero” members had a meeting Saturday evening to discuss the next day’s game plan and to reaffirm how well we performed, even though the adversity of that day’s events.

On Sunday we used our game plan to assist us in winning 3 out of the last 4 matches of the competition. We ended match play with an overall record of 6-6 with a 19th place ranking. During selections for Champion rounds we were picked by nationally recognize team 365 MOE, who placed 4th in rankings, because of our stellar defense and consistent scoring throughout the entire competition. When the quarter finals started we lost the first match, however, we won the last two stopping two of the score robots by frustration them with our defensive prowess. Unfortunately, we lost both semi-final matches, both to the Championship team of the tournament, but received extreme praise from our alliance partners for an unselfish team effort. We ended the competition with an overall 8-9 record and finishing 3rd place in the Championship round.

Please wish us luck as we go to the Lenape/Seneca completion in Central New Jersey on March 23-24. With a solid performance at Lenape we may have a good chance at being invited to the Mid-Atlantic Regional at Lehigh University in April.