Friday, March 23 – Lenape District Competition

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Friday, March 23rd was the fist day for the Lenape District Competition and luckily, for Abby and the team, this was one of the smoothest inspections ever!!

The team took Abby to the practice area, where the drive had her practicing her arm so she can activate the ramp down, release the balls and push the ramp down for her to balance and/or cross the bridge. Things were running smoothly until, you guessed it, the “Watch Dog” bit us again! Programming issues needed to be solved, but we did not know where to start.

Abby was returned to the pit and her programmers worked with some of the other robot teams to gain insight on how to PERMANENTLY fix their recurring programming issues! After receiving input from 1/2 dozen (or so) programmers, team 2559 was visited by a ‘mentor’ who took the time to show them what they should be looking for, such as not duplicating codes, making sure there are no typo’s within the codes and the fact that the error messages do not necessarily relate to the actual problem. With this knowledge and guidance, Abby was able to successfully communicate with the program and her wheels were spinning, ready to go!

Practice matches were ending in 15 minutes, but the programming team and one of the reserve drivers were able to get her on the practice field
where she was able to stretch her wheels, get a feel for shooting and she tried to balance on the bridge with another robot. Unfortunately, a ball got lodged under the bridge and her wheel got stuck.

After a rocky start to the afternoon, the team ended the night knowing Abby was ready for the next day. On that note, it was time for Zzzzz’s.

This morning the Team has a few more practice rounds to perfect the bots functionality until its showtime.

Wish the team luck in the qualifying matches and stay tuned for another update on today’s success’.