FRC’s new game, FIRST Stronghold!

Team 2559 Normality Zero begins their new 2016 year with a brand new challenge from FIRST. This years challenge, FIRST Stronghold serves as consolidation of many different ideas and obstacles from previous FIRST games and events.

FIRST Stronghold introduces a brand new medieval theme, and an emphasize on both team work and design focus.

Watch the debut of the 2016 FRC Game:


For those unfamiliar with FIRST and FRC build season limitations, here’s a quick run down:

The official FRC season begins on the kick-off event date, which was January 9th 2016 this year. During the kick-off students receive a kit of standardized parts, and are allowed to access the unrestricted 2016 game manuals and field guides, however, most importantly the official 2016 challenge is publicized in an international broadcast.

The build season begins on the day of kick-off and lasts for a six week period. During this time students, mentors, and sponsors all work together to strategize, design, fabricate, assemble, and test their ideas and concepts. Team 2559 Normality Zero will often meet four times a week during this six week period.